Hello and welcome to Andy1st driving school in Barnet. Congratulations! You have taken the first step to passing your test and embarking on this exciting journey. Being able to drive offers more flexibility and freedom and of course you won’t have to wait around for unreliable public transport! We offer a range of packages to suit everyone and we have various discounts and payment options to suit everyone’s budget. All of our instructors are professional, understanding and experienced. We provide a fantastic standard of driving tuition at very competitive prices.

Some of our pupils prefer to learn the traditional way i.e. taking regular lessons, usually weekly. This allows you to learn at a methodical pace and it helps to spread the cost of lessons too. You can book them in a block at a discounted rate or you can book them on a “pay as you go” basis. Learning this way is specifically recommended for nervous drivers and for those who want to spread the cost. We also offer intensive courses which teach you all the same things but in a very short and intense time span. Now intensive courses don’t suit everyone as they are what the name suggests, intense!

If you think an intensive course is for you, then your instructor will assess you to see if the course is suitable for you. Depending on your experience and skills, they will be able to give you an idea of how many lessons you would need. If you have driven before or have a good aptitude for driving then it may be as few as 20 lessons. If you’ve never driven before it could be as many as 50 or 60 lessons. However many it is, they will all be packed into a shorter space of time. For example if your instructor thought you needed 30 lessons, you would probably drive for up to 5 hours a day. That could mean that you could learn and pass your test in as little as 6 days!

You must bear in mind, however, that when you begin your intense course you must have taken your theory test before you embark on the intensive course. The lessons and the practical test run straight into each other so you have to have passed the theory test first. We can provide help with both tests so don’t worry about that. Your theory test will be computer based and will test your general knowledge of driving in general and then test your hazard perception skills. We take the safety of our pupils, our instructors and of course other road users very seriously which is why we deliver more than just an ordinary level of tuition and service.

We have experienced and helpful office staff who can answer your initial queries and questions and a fantastic group of instructors who are dedicated and passionate about their role. They will try their best to make it as easy and convenient for our pupils to learn to drive. They provide lessons at times that suit your work, college and social commitments. They will pick you up from work, school or home and drop you back to where is convenient making it easier to fit driving lessons into your life.

We truly believe in giving everyone who wants to and is able to drive the chance to learn which is why we provide support to those with additional needs. We have both manual and automatic cars to learn in which allows those who find difficulties with manual transmissions the opportunity to learn to drive. We have some pupils with limiting physical difficulties but who find automatic cars easy to manage and thus are still able to achieve their goal of passing their driving test. We also offer help to those with Dyslexia who find the computer based training tricky. We are so passionate about teaching people to drive we strive to help overcome as many barriers as we can.

We are one of the fastest growing driving schools in the country and we are often asked what are secret is! Well, the key to many successful businesses is its people and we couldn’t offer our tailor-made packages to you if it wasn’t for the dedication and hard work of our instructors. They work very hard to deliver and maintain the high standard of tuition we are known for and their flexibility and can-do attitude helps everyone who learns with us. Obviously the variety of learning packages attracts many of our pupils as they offer something for everyone. You will also see from our testimonials that our pupils are very happy with their lessons and their instructor and have had fun learning. We all learn quicker and more effectively if we are enjoying what we’re doing.

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